Recent Before & After Photos

Soot damage on a pitcher, Southeastern Iowa

This pitcher came from the same house that the shelf up above did. This pitcher was also meticulously cleaned by our professional technicians in a multiple step... READ MORE

Furniture Restoration, Southeast Iowa

SERVPRO of Burlington was called to a personal residence after they experienced a fire and had significant smoke and soot damage throughout the home. This shelf... READ MORE

Hallway of a church, Danville, IA

SERVPRO of Burlington was called to a church that had had water damage after a storm had gone through the area and froze the sprinkler system. This was a very ... READ MORE

School Building, Southeast Iowa

SERVPRO was called to a local school that was affected by a storm with strong winds, which did some great damage to the roof. We started in the attic and took ... READ MORE

Porch, storm damage, West Burlington, IA

SERVPRO of Burlington was called to this family's home after storms came through the area with driving force rain. We went to go dry this area out. After demo... READ MORE

Wind damage to roof, Burlington, IA

SERVPRO of Burlington was called to a home where after a large storm with a strong wind, the roof had damage and was leaking water. This water had sat in the a... READ MORE

Mold in country home, Winfield, IA

This country home in Winfield, IA had a boiler system that a pipe had burst on. The homeowner was out of state for a few months and came home to a houseful of ... READ MORE

Furniture restoration, Columbus Junction, IA

This is an antique armoire that was damaged after a water loss at a home in Columbus Junction, Iowa. The water loss was caused by a hot water pipe that burst an... READ MORE

Carpet cleaning in office, Mt. Pleasant, IA.

For carpet cleaning, most businesses do not think to call SERVPRO because they are used to seeing us after a fire, water damage, or flood. Did you know SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Water damage from a storm in a commercial building - Muscatine, IA

This is a flooded commercial building in Muscatine, Ia and ended up being a very large job. Water had flooded the production area, electrical rooms and all of ... READ MORE