Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold growth, Mediapolis, IA

We were called to a severe mold damage in a home that had been sitting empty for a few months.  Mold can be a stressful time. SERVPRO of Burlington is here to help if you find any kind of microbial growth in your home. With Mold, it is important to treat as quickly as possible by the recommendations of a licensed environmental hygienist. Once the recommendations have been made SERVPRO of Burlington can get started on the remediation process. Many times you might have general questions on what to do if you find mold. Call our office at (319)754-8050 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Discoloration on the ceiling, Wapello, IA

SERVPRO of Burlington was notified by the homeowner that they suffered a water damage and didn't dry out the ceiling properly.  They now had mold on the ceiling in the lower level of the home. We were able access the area and resolve the mold issue. The drywall had to be removed to gain access to the wet insulation.  Once the wet insulation was removed we were able to dry it down using air movers and dehumidifiers.  After dry down was complete, we patched the drywall, textured the area and painted to complete the work.  Our customer could not be happier with the service. 

Air Vent - Mold After

This is an air vent after a mold remediation. Mold can often be in places not readily visible, which can be hazardous. Luckily, SERVPRO of Burlington was able to help this nursing home and provide the mitigation they needed.

Air Vent - Mold

This is the underside of an air vent that was located in a nursing home. This was caused by a faulty HVAC system in which a high moisture content was running through the ducts.