Storm Damage Photo Gallery

water loss on carpet

Saturated carpet due to heavy rains

Heavy rains and high ground water caused the flood damage to this building. Water seeped in through the back walls and caused wet carpets and walls SERVPRO of Burlington reacted quickly and minimized the damage.

mold on cabinet

Mold caused by a water loss

We were called to this house after they experienced a deluge of rain which in turn flooded their house. The waters took a while to recede and we had to wait for the waters to go down before we could do anything. Since it took so long for the water to go down it in turn caused some of their furnishings to develop mold. Once waters receded we came in and started the mitigation process.

Party venue, Burlington, IA

SERVPRO of Burlington was called to assist in a water loss due to a strong rain storm that came through the area.  This was a new construction project.  The rain had run under the doors in the building damaging wood that had not yet been put up and ruining the stain that they had just applied on the concrete floor.  

SERVPRO has several techniques to help dry quickly and efficiently.  We placed air movers and dehumidifiers throughout the building.  It is important to make sure all of the water is cleaned up to prevent secondary damages from happening including the growth of mold. 

Classroom in a school, Storm damage

SERVPRO was called to a local school that was affected by a storm with strong winds, which did some great damage to the roof.  We started in the attic and took out all the wet insulation, down to the ceiling tiles and straight to the carpet in the classrooms. Our customer was very happy that they were able to get into the classrooms by the time school started a few weeks later. 

SERVPRO of Burlington has several techniques to help dry quickly and efficiently. It is important to make sure all of the water is cleaned up to prevent secondary damages from happening. 

Storm damage, Wapello, IA

Here is a customer's back deck that had storm damage because of a tree that the storm blew down. The homeowner was home when the damage happened. After making contact with the homeowner and arranging a time to meet and see the damage, we were able to begin clean up. The deck and partial roof were affected.  We had a dumpster placed onsite to throw out affected materials from the deck and the roof.  After we were done, we made sure the homeowner was satisfied with the outcome of the clean-up, the job was completed and everything was back to normal!    

Office in a factory after a rain storm

SERVPRO of Burlington was called to a local factory after a severe rain storm that affected their entire main floor.  Our team was quick to respond and began working the areas immediately.  Water poured in through the large doorways and made its way back to all the office areas.  After extracting the water, we used air movers, dehumidifiers and power boxes to dry the areas down.  If you have a storm that causes water or fire damage in your home or business, call us immediately at 319-754-8050 and we can assess your situation immediately.  Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions.