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Myths vs Facts about Mold

7/29/2018 (Permalink)

This is what we found in the duct system/vents in the IT room of a business who complained of a "moldy" odor.

1. Myth: ALL mold is bad.

    Fact: While some mold is bad not all is. Mold        is used in the making of blue cheese and              penicillin.

2. Myth: ALL mold causes health problems.

    Fact: While mold can certainly cause health          problems it is not true that all molds cause          health problems in people. Molds produce            allergens and not everyone is allergic to these.

3. Myth: There should be no mold inside. 

   Fact: In reality mold is all around us and is very natural. The problem comes when the concentration of mold indoors is high.

4. Myth: Bleach kills mold.

Fact: Bleach may kill certain kinds on non-porous surfaces, however, it is not clear that bleach can kill all kinds of mold nor kill mold on porous surfaces such as wood.

5. Myth: Killing mold is enough. There is no need to remove it

Fact: Killing mold is NOT enough. Killing mold does not remove the health effects as the allergens are still present even in dead mold.

6. Myth: Mold is natural. There is no need to worry about it. 

Fact: While mold may be natural, consistent exposure to mold can have negative effects on one's health.

7. Myth: If you only see a little mold it's probably nothing to worry about.

Fact: If you see a little bit of mold you most likely have more growing under the surface out of site.

8. Myth: Cleaning up mold isn't hard. You should do it yourself.

Fact: While you may be able to clean up certain kinds of mold in small quantities most people are not equipped to do proper mold remediation. Simply wiping it down is not good enough. This is why you should call the professionals at SERVPRO of Burlington if you have a mold problem so we can properly clean it and keep it from spreading.


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