What our Customers say...


I can't tell you how impressed I was with the job SERVPRO did for me! I had them come in and clean a very light cream colored carpet that unfortunately had the wrath of 2 boxer puppies for the better part of a year. Between puppy spots, drinks being spilled, etc...we had a mess. After they were done, the carpet looked like new! I will refer them to as many people as I can! 

Thank you Todd! As you know I've used your services for everything from fire, water damage, to carpet cleaning and my car seats. I'm so happy with the service and the cost, you and your employees have been professional and hard working. The service was as good as it gets. I will keep coming back, thanks again! 

SERVPRO's workmanship and customer service is over-the-top. Recently, I had a drain in my basement clog which led to water in the basement. The carpet was soaked and the sheet rock was starting to soak up some moisture. I called Todd Earnest at 8:30 PM when I noticed this and he was at my home by 10:00 that evening to assess the situation. The first thing the following morning, I had SERVPRO employees arrive with large fans to dry out the basement. They moved furniture, pulled back the carpet to check padding underneath and also facilitate drying, and assess the wetness of the drywall. All was salvaged! My niece is living with me for the summer and living in our basement. She was pleased to have her living space back after a couple of days thanks to SERVPRO! 

Our fireplace malfunctioned creating damage on the outside of our home. SERVPRO responded quickly to our fire disaster. They repaired and cleaned the outside of the house as it was prior to the fire. Part of the repairs involved siding, soffit, and gutter work. We were pleased with all of their work and thankful for their expertise throughout the process. 

That morning we got out of bed at 5 am and quickly discovered as we entered the kitchen that we were walking in water. The waterline to the ice maker in the refrigerator was leaking and had been through the night. (We needed to leave by 6 am to travel some 500 miles to attend our grandson's graduation.) 

We called Todd at SERVPRO and he came immediately. He assessed the two floors (because it had leaked down into the basement also) and explained what would be needed to fix the damage. He assured us it would all be handled and for us to go ahead and leave on our trip.  While we were away he continued to personally call us and keep us updated on the progress. That meant a lot to us for sure. By the time we arrived back home, everything was back to normal -- just like it never happened. Good motto!

SERVPRO did an outstanding job cleaning up after our water damage. They arrived quickly and thoroughly assessed the damage. They set up, cleaned up, and had us back in original living arrangement quickly. Communication was excellent. We were extremely satisfied with the quality of work completed and would highly recommend SERVPRO of Burlington to anyone. 

My wife and I live in Tennessee, but own a home in our hometown of Wapello.  The home recently had a water leak in the basement, allowing a few inches of water to stand throughout the basement.  Living over 500 miles away, we needed quick local help, so we called SERVPRO.  Todd Earnest and his team immediately brought in dehumidifiers and removed the water before any mold problems took place.  They completely saved the sheetrock in the basement.  Todd also volunteered to identify and manage the local plumber who actually repaired the water leak.  Considering our distance from Wapello, Todd's excellent communication was the best part of working with him.  Todd kept us constantly updated.  Thank you for making a stressful situation far easier on us!

First of all, this is not the first time I've used SERVPRO and did not have to think twice to use them again. We had a large water break that flooded three apartments. We had to move the tenets to a hotel until the apartments were renovated. SERVPRO understood how important it was to get them back into their apartment as soon as possible. SERVPRO assessed the problem, came up with a game plan and then went to work, organized the contractors, subs, and completed the entire project in a professional and timely manner. SERVPRO worked with the insurance company to make sure everything was covered the only thing I had to do was contact my insurance company and tell them that SERVPRO was taking care of the problem. They say in their commercials that its "like it never happened." Well that's how it was, it's like it never happened.

This is the 1st time I have used SERVPRO to do my home. I had some stains on my Berber carpet that had been there since I moved in. Other carpet cleaning companies had tried to get them out and failed. I thought I would try one more time before replacing the carpet. When they were done the carpet stain was completely gone and the entire light beige carpet looked like new. My other carpet is beige plush and it has looked better. They were so prompt, courteous, and efficient. I have told all that I know that I would recommend and use SERVPRO for all of my carpet cleaning needs. Thanks to your company I do not have to replace my carpet. 

I have used SERVPRO in multiple capacitates. They have done an incredible job cleaning my carpets. When we had a huge rain and got rain inside the building, they came in and dried out our carpets and walls. Finally we had one of our two rooftop heating units die during the winter. They came in and wired up a portable heater to help keep our building warm until we could get the new units installed. SERVPRO is always there! They come in with professional staff! Do the Job! And do it well! I would not call any other company in our time of need. 

We have used SERVPRO of Burlington since they opened for our carpet cleaning needs at city hall. Working with our schedule has been very easy. The crew comes when promised, work quickly and professionally, and there has never been a sign they were except the clean carpet. There have been lots of tough stains over the years but you would never know it. I can recommend them without any reservations.

SERVPRO came into my home and professionally handled all of my furniture and belongings. They cleaned my carpet before I moved out of my house, and I was very pleased with the end result. I felt comfortable with their abilities and watched some of the technical equipment they used. They treated me and my home with the utmost respect. I will gladly use SERVPRO again and again!

Big "Thank you" to Todd Earnest for saving my carpet and possibly my dog's life!!

Heritage Oaks Board of Directors, Management, and members would like to Thank you for serving a wonderful meal to all the participants in the event FCA outing we had. Your staff of people were great to work with.

SERVPRO did a great job cleaning our ducts! I was very happy with their service. They were very thorough and professional to work with!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your SERVPRO crew for all your hard work you did on our home. After a roofing incident happened leaving the inside of our home totally destroyed you came in and took over. We were out of our home many months during construction but also realized you had other emergencies where at times you were needed elsewhere.We are very satisfied with the quality of workmanship that was done. We really enjoyed all the friendly workers that took care of us. You were very easy to talk to and was such a great help deciding things and picking things out.You went out of your way to make us happy.I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone and want you and your crew to know how much we appreciate what you did. The whole thing was a nightmare and you made it bearable. You treated us like family. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

As I awoke, I noticed a waterfall coming from my ceiling. I went to the basement and shut off the pipes. SERVPRO was at my house shortly after the devastation and to my amazement, they saved my beautiful hardwood floors. The SERVPRO crew was very professional and it was also nice that they worked with my insurance agency, which alleviated the stress. It was nice to have a company like SERVPRO be there for me when I needed them the most.