Recent Before & After Photos

Restore VS Replace...., Danville, IA

As you can see, we decided to restore this bathtub. The results were unbelievable and the homeowner was very impressed. This was a great project to see the end ... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning - Burlington, IA

This duct cleaning was in an older home that had never had their ducts cleaned before. The difference is amazing and the homeowners were thrilled that their duc... READ MORE

Kitchen fire, Southeast Iowa

This fire was caused by a wood-burning stove in the basement. The results are fabulous, very fresh and clean looking. The homeowner was so pleased with our work... READ MORE

Muscatine - Assisted Living Facility

This floor was in desperate need of a strip an wax. The coat rack had even left rust marks on the floor that our guys made it look brand new again! The facility... READ MORE

Oakville - Church pews

What an amazing difference in the before and after photos of these church pews. You have kids playing jungle gym all over the parents/grandparents/anyone in the... READ MORE

Before & After During - SE Iowa

Both photos are of a residential and commercial job carpet cleaning. The commercial job on the left was an assisted living facility that had not had their carpe... READ MORE

Grocery store floor, Strip & Wax, Southeast Iowa

This is a grocery store where the employees had been trying to keep up on the waxing and cleaning of the floor between times of having it professionally done by... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is often overlooked by many home and business owners. It is an out of sight, out of mind concept that makes us unaware of how much dirt or debris ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Mediapolis, Iowa

This was a kitchen fire in a Mediapolis home. The fire severely damaged the kitchen cabinets, appliances, drywall, and framing. Smoke and soot damage sprea... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Burlington, IA

Local restaurant in Burlington, Iowa, showing before and after while doing the carpet cleaning. Owners were extremely pleased with the outcome.